About AQUAMIN (tm)
AQUAMIN is one of the leading Russian and World manufacturers water treatment equipment and has been working on the market of water purification systems since 1989. The main activity of AQUAMIN is the promotion of Russian innovative science-intensive technologies in the field of industrial water treatment. The production uses its own development, protected by patents around the world.
Medvedev Igor Nikolaevich
The founder of the company, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Inventor
Medvedev Igor Nikolayevich stood at the origins of the creation of life support systems for spacecraft and the long-term orbital station MIR.

The main achievement of "AQUAMIN" company is the creation of installations and complexes for purification and desalination of marine, artesian and surface waters without the use of chemical reagents with minimal energy, operational and capital costs.

30-years experience in creating water purification systems was marked by the creation of a unique technology, equipment and materials for water purification and desalination, which is confirmed by more than 50 author's certificates and patents from Russia, England, USA, Spain and other countries.

- Electro-nano-membrane (NM Aquamin)
- Electrodialysis (ED / AED)
- Dialysis
- Electrolysis
- Electro-magnetic cavitation
- Ion exchange resins
- Microfiltration
- Ultrafiltration
- Nano filtration
- Reverse osmosis (RO)
Cold plasma
Destructive method of cleaning contaminants with cold plasma
Why choose our technology?
Optimal cost
The cost of our installations is much cheaper than foreign and Russian popular equipment. Sometimes ten times cheaper.
Without use of chemistry
Use of unique electromembrane non-reagent water treatment (without the use of chemical consumables).
All the best world experience - in one installation
Combined all the known progressive and traditional ways of preparing water in one device.
Maximum energy efficiency
Energy saving at least 1.5 times (alternating currents instead of permanent ones).
Do not need high blood pressure
AQUAMIN systems do not require high pressure, like other systems. For comparison, the NM Aquamin technology requires a pressure of only 2 bar against 60 bar in RO (reverse osmosis).
Installations can operate under extreme temperature conditions and are not limited to water temperatures.
The most compact in the industry. Painlessly installed in existing systems of water treatment and wastewater treatment (tailings).
High speed implementation
The fastest turn-key implementation (analysis, design, production of equipment, commissioning works).
Local nodes
Our facilities are built using local parts. We do not need to wait long for components.
The first in space and on Earth
Technologies are tested and successfully work for many years in the space industry and energy.
No complaints and dissatisfied customers
Since 1989, the AQUAMIN Group has not had a single complaint - all consumers are happy.
SCUDA-based automation and telemetry, our plants do not require maintenance personnel.
Fields of application:
Power Engineering
Effective solutions, from providing high-pressure boilers with high-purity water and treating purge water from cooling towers and ending with the provision of zero discharge of liquid waste.
AQUAMIN systems produce ultra-pure water, which meets the specific requirements of steam generators of nuclear plants, coal-fired generators, gas turbines. Reverse osmosis, ion exchange, electrodeionization is used.

Food industry and housing and communal services
Equipment for water treatment and treatment (drinking and technical) from any sources (water supply, artesian wells, any surface sources).
- Bulk filters with different loads (quartz, ion exchange resin, activated carbon, hydroanthracite, sorbent AS, MS and other sorbents, catalytic loads such as Birm, Greensand and much more). Bulk filters successfully purify water from suspended and colloidal substances, iron, manganese, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, aluminum, organic substances, including petroleum products, reduce water hardness, correct its ion composition, etc .;
- Cartridge, mesh and bag filters;
- Ozonizers, aerators;
- Dosing stations of pH correctors, coagulants, flocculants, inhibitors;
- Equipment for water disinfection, including bactericidal lamps;
- Installations of ultrafiltration;
- Electrodialysis plants for desalination with a total mineralization of up to 45 g/l;
- Any accessories.
Wastewater and tailings wastewater treatment
Equipment for sewage treatment from heavy metals, petroleum products, suspensions and colloids and any other contaminants. Our equipment will help to correct the mineralization and acidity of water. Most often used installations based on NM Aquamin (electro-nano-membrane), electrodialysis, micro- and ultrafiltration.
Medicine and Pharmaceutical Industry
Water treatment is irreplaceable both in medicine and in pharmaceutics. For the manufacture of medicines and for medical purposes intermediate is the brand "Highly purified water".
Purified water is used for:
- Preparation of medicines that do not penetrate inside;
- Sanitary treatment of tools;
- Laboratory research, etc.
Water for injection is used for the manufacture of injection forms of drugs. Another important area of application of water treatment in medicine is the production of water for hemodialysis.

Ultrapure water is an indispensable raw material in the production of integrated microcircuits, semiconductors, so in microelectronics it requires the most thorough preparation and purification. To obtain the highest purity water we offer:
- Pre-training, individual in each case;
- Reverse osmosis or electrodialysis for the purpose of preliminary deionization;
- Mixed action filter or electrodeionization as final deionization;
- To obtain ultrapure water at the end of the technological system, there is a microfilter, a polishing unregenerated filter of mixed action, sterilization, ultrafiltration. Microelectronics uses water of three different brands (A, B, B). The above scheme refers to the preparation of water grade A, other brands do not require such thorough preparation and cleaning.

Dairy production
In the recent past, whey was only a waste product, then a secondary milk raw material. Now, whey is a high-grade milk raw material. Accordingly, the question of standardization of whey for such indicators as the content of mineral substances and acidity.
Our equipment allows:
- Regulate the mineral composition and acidity of whey;
- To process acidic whey (casein cottage cheese);
- Remove radioactive elements from whey;
- Recycle molasses;
- To produce lactulose.
Products obtained by electrodialysis treatment of serum:
- Demineralized whey;
- Condensed dairy products;
- whole milk products;
- Lactose, lactulose;
- Glucose-galactose syrups;
- Drinks based on whey;
- Baby food products;
- Mixtures for ice cream.
Specialists of our company have developed a number of technologies (NM Aquamin) aimed at solving problems primarily desalination (desalting) of sea and artesian water with increased salt content (up to 45 mg / l), corresponding to Russian regulations and high standards of international standards. Power consumption when using alternating currents does not exceed 2 kW / m3 of clean drinking water. The technology significantly exceeds traditional RO and distillation both in terms of cost and efficiency.
Oil/gas and chemical industry
We have developed a unique method of selective extraction of chemical elements, for example, from formation water during oil production or in sewage treatment of industrial enterprises and mining plants. In particular, in the oil fields, we can extract iodine, bromine, lithium and other valuable rare elements purchased from Russia abroad from the reservoir waters.
Company services:
Scientific laboratory
- Analysis of source water of customers
- Fundamental research (R & D)
Project department
Designing the most complex water treatment complexes and linking them to common projects
- Production of all nodes without exception
- Production of block-boxes or adaptation of marine containers 20/40 feet
- Assembly and adjustment of units in complexes
- Testing of complexes (own laboratory)
Logistics department
Delivery in the optimal way to the place of operation of the plants
Mounting unit
The group of specialists flies and "turnkey" promptly carries out the start-up and adjustment of the installations
Service-Emergency Service
We are supporters of unattended "eternal" installations. But in which case, we guarantee the elimination of problems within a period of up to 24 hours by our own forces or by the forces of our dealers.
Aquamin - Finance
We provide the financial leverage of our own leasing company. In this case, it is often possible to save up to 50% of the cost of equipment.
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Production capacity:
High-tech production Aquamine is located on the basis of the Research and Production Center "Experimental Plant MPEI" (OPZ MEI) in Moscow. Currently, the plant has two production sites, a staff of engineering and technical personnel and highly skilled workers. The quality management system of products and services of the enterprise is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.
In 2010 - 2013 years. on the IPF MEI, modern automated, programmable equipment was installed and put into operation, allowing to quickly design, reconfigure, provide accuracy, repeatability and with high labor productivity to produce unique products:
- sheet-working equipment with CNC of German firm "Trumpf";
- Robotic welding complex of firms "Fanuc" (Japan), "Fronius" (Austria);
- rolling equipment with CNC from Davi (Italy);
- High-precision laser machine from the firm "Rofin Sinar" (Germany);
- a section of coatings with an automated conveyor powder painting line of the firm «Ideal» (Denmark);
- DRG 2 metering robot with CNC for automated sealing application "GASKETING" made of polyurethane foam according to the "FIPFG" technology;
- a site of metal working centers with equipment of the firm "DMG" (Germany): 3-axis machining center DMC 635V Deckel Maho; 5-axis machining center DMU-100 Monoblock; 3-axis electroerosive wire-cutting machine with CNC from Agie Charmilles (Switzerland); Coordinate stitching machine AD35L from Sodick (Japan) When designing products, Autodesk® digital prototype technologies are used, which give designers, engineers, designers and technologists the opportunity to fully explore the product at the design stage.
Production occupies an area of 3.5 hectares and is located on 2 production sites with an area of 19000.0 sq. M, including: ul. Krasnokazarmennaya 17G p. 3 - 15893.3 sq. M. Bear Lake - 3207.5 square meters. The modern material and technical base, high qualification and creative potential of the enterprise team, accumulated experience in creating unique models of equipment and equipment allow the Experimental Plant MEI to perform tasks of any complexity, to work stably and to develop successfully.
The final assembly of the equipment is carried out in its own production facility Aquamin in Moscow and Tyumen.
We are trusted:
Russia, Moscow, Krasnokazarmennaya Street, 13
TELEPHONE +7 (495)1993571
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